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Best harvested regular whilst courgettes are small or they become marrows very quickly– very prolific and need plenty of space - plant the seed and grow on in a pot until ready to plant into the ground - prickly plants.

Venus, Defender,Parador,ParatenonEight Ball (round)


Grow an outdoor variety even if growing indoors. Cucumber seeds can be fairly expensive so stick to the less expensive varieties. Harvest when still firm - may be smaller than shop bought cucumbers.

Burpless Tasty Green,


Loose headed or salad leaf types are the easiest and most reliable to grow - sow seeds throughout the season – grow red and green varieties. Harvest outer leaves first or whole head for heading lettuce once they feel firm.

In Perpetuity Blend, Red Salad Bowl, Salad Bowl, Salad Leaves, Winter Blend

Lettuce can be grown under cover throughout the year if you can provide sufficient light to prevent the seedlings from becoming leggy. See here


Can be challenging – best grown in a greenhouse

Mini Bell Mixed

The carrot or pointed shaped varieties are easier try Gypsy or Sweet Pepper Tasty Grill

Avoid ones called chilli peppers (these are not really suitable for growing in school) look for the term  sweet pepper or a heat rating of 0


Need plenty of space. Variety very much depends what you want to do with the harvested crop. Harvest before a frost and when the plants begin to die back and the fruits have reached a suitable size dry off in a cool greenhouse to store.

Crown Prince, Jack of All Trades, Atlantic Giant, Patty Pan Scallop Mixed


Must be planted in a rectangular format as they are wind pollinated – only grow one variety or cross pollination can occur. Choose a later variety to try and avoid August harvest. Harvest when silks are dry and brown - the kernels should exude a milky substance when pierced with your finger nail.

Don’t grow two varieties close together of they will cross pollinate

Extra Tender & Sweet

To read more on growing sweetcorn click here


Grow from seed or buy plants cherry varieties are easiest ones - choose varieties described as bush or determinate that do not need side shoots removing. They also tend not to grow as tall. If you can grow them in a greenhouse there is less chance of losing them to blight – if growing outdoors choose an outdoor variety. harvest when fully ripened and only slightly soft (not squishy) to the touch.

Tumbling Tom Collection, Tumbler,

For more on growing tomatoes click here

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