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Broad Bean

Harvest whilst fairly small and choose green bean varieties as this will make the beans less strongly flavoured -water well in dry weather

ExpressThe Sutton

French Bean

Must be harvested regular whilst beans are young– water well in dry weather. Don’t plant out until danger of frost has passed.

Purple Teepee, (purple bean) Valdor(yellow bean) Tendergreen (green bean)


Harvest before the seeds/peas swell

Oregon Sugar Pod


Must be harvested regularly whilst peas are young – need supporting – water well in dry weather. Harvest when pods feel and look full but don't leave to go old - if in doubt try the taste test. Early sown peas may avoid pea moth damage.

Early Onward, Meteor

Runner Bean

August onwards cropping so could be a problem during August holiday– water well in dry weather – must be harvested regularly whilst beans are young. Don’t plant outdoors until danger of frost has passed.

Summer Medley, (Mixed flower colours) Streamline

Choosing Plants - Peas and Beans Key to approximate sowing and harvesting times: Controlling garden pests  Plant Protection  Fertliser  Planning a Bean Fest  Peas are green, tomatoes and beetroot are red and carrots are orange!  Plant & seed Propagation  Propagators  Greenhouse Equipment  Plant Supports Other topics that link to this subject The following offer a range of vegetable seeds and plants. Click on an icon and use the search box to browse what is available. The resources offered here also offer more support and include cultural tips, information and a full high quality photographs showing stages of each plant's life cycle.