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Once heads have formed buds you must keep cropping or they will flower - easier to grow than cauliflower - long growing season

Rudolph, Early White Sprouting, Summer Purple Sprouting,


Lots of varieties of cabbage in all sorts of shapes, sizes, green and red varieties and a type suitable for most times of the year. Harvest when head is solid, if you leave it too long the head will split.

April (spring)  Minicole (late summer/autumn) January King 3 (winter) Tundra (winter) Redcap (red varieties are more challenging) Savoy Siberia F1 (Savoy - autumn/winter)


Can be challenging - choose ones that produce a small head – children may enjoy growing the multi-coloured varieties - harvest when the head look full and still smooth, if some parts start to grow out and head separate then the plant is about to flower.

Rainbow Blend, All Year Round, Clapton (Club Root Resistant)


Very quick to mature (about a month) sow seeds throughout the season and harvest when the shoulders start to protrude before the radishes become too large and woody

French Breakfast, Rainbow Mixed, Radish Mixed Seeds and Spring, Summer & Autumn Blend


Can be challenging - taste better after a frost - pick when at least 3 cm in diameter

Trafalgar, Bitesize, Falstaff (red sprouts - novelty value but not a good cropper) Crispus (Club root resistant)


Cold weather improves the flavour - can be left in the ground and dug when required - harvest from autumn 10 cm. BroraRuby


Harvest when small about 6 cm diameter - they become woody when too large. Not a favourite with children but worth trying

Golden BallOasis, Primera

Choosing Plants from the Cabbage Family  (Brassicas) Controlling garden pests  Vegetable Cages  Plant Protection  Fertliser  Plant & seed Propagation  Propagators  Greenhouse Equipment Other topics that link to this subject Key to approximate sowing and harvesting times: The resources offered here also offer more support and include cultural tips, information and a full high quality photographs showing stages of each plant's life cycle. Click here The following offer a range of vegetable seeds and plants. Click on an icon and use the search box to browse what is available.