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Plants can take a year or two to become productive. Buy two year old plants. Ripen from July. The plant needs to be planted deeply to encourage new shoots. Pruning is a case of pruning out some old wood each year and encouraging new young shoots.

Possible varieties - Ben Lomond(early July) Ben Connan(mid July) Ebony ( early July onwards)

Approximate harvesting time in brackets.

Special Currant Offer on Currant Collection

Supplied as 2 Black Currant 'Ben Lomond', 2 Red Currant 'Rondom' and 2 White Currant 'White Pearl' - all as bare root bushes approximately 2-3 feet tall (including roots).

All are self fertile.

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White currants should be treated the same as whitecurrants -White Pear will fruit in late July Rondom also will fruit late July,  fruits in early July Ben Lomond


Although not as well known as blackcurrants the advantage of growing redcurrants is that they are ready to harvest earlier from June onwards. The berries are not fully ripe as soon as they turn red – taste to check the ripeness. To harvest cut the strings with scissors.

Birds love them so they will need netting.

Harvest from June

Rondom, (late July) 


Choose a thornless gooseberry. Thorny varieties are vicious when harvesting.

Also try to find one that is resistant to mildew which can be a problem with gooseberries. There are red, yellow and green varieties.

Also varieties are either for dessert or cooking, dessert varieties being sweeter.

Harvest from June.

Possible varieties  which all claim to be spineless. All spineless varieties seem to be red berried. 

Pax, (June onwards red variety), Xenia (end of June red variety) Captivator (red variety)

Approximate harvesting time in brackets.

If you can put up with thorns also

Hinnonmaki Yellow(June/July - yellow variety)

Invicta(May/June - green variety but very spiny)

Hinnonmaki Red

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If you want advice on varieties then ask as this nursery are very experienced in working with schools OTHER  SUPPLIERS