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Guzzler - a Literacy Resource Guzzler - Talking Story - (PowerPoint Resouces) Aimed at KS1 (6 - 7 year olds) but could be used with Lower KS2 especially children learning difficulties. A Smart notebook file containing a copy of the story, pages of text for annotation purposes, a set of cloze procedures and an activity requiring the pictures from the story to be arranged in sequence. MS Word cloze procedure document protected form. This can be completed at the computer and is divided into manageable sections to allow for differentiation. PDF version of cloze procedure for children to complete away from the computer and is divided into manageable sections to allow for differentiation.   There is space at the bottom of the page for the children to draw or stick on a picture if required. PDF file of the images that can be cut out and used for sequencing activities The last page of the Smart Notebook can also be used for a sequencing activity. A PowerPoint Presentation designed to be used for a sequencing activity - once the pictures have been rearranged in order the children can retell play the slideshow and retell the story orally PowerPoint Show containing just the images each on a separate page - this can be used by the children to retell the story or to write their own version of the story.  Once completed the show can be run and made available for other children to read. PDF files as above (with a lined area or unlined area to allow children to retell or write their own version away from the computer). MS Word versions of the above worksheets are also provided so the children can retell the story using ICT. There are unprotected and forms versions. The forms versions have specially protected areas so that the children can only type in the text boxes. Textease CT files to be used as above. These will obviously only open if Textease Studio CT is installed on your computer NOT YET AVAILABLE